The Big Barbican Workshop

Class Three went to the Barbican to learn about music and drama.

We went on a train to Cannon Street and walked for 10 minutes to the Barbican.

We were introduced to two nice people called Emma and Rezza.  We were shown a picture of a door and we had to stick post it notes saying what we thought was behind the door.


After that we got together in a group and thought about what was on the notes we had picked from the picture and made-up lands to do with the post it notes.


Then we made huge models to do with our land (ours was called the Land of Portholes).  We made a volcano bigger than Rezza!!


Then we did theatre performance with Emma.  We made movements with our bodies and then went into shapes to do with our land.


Then after we had lunch we did animation with Rezza and more performance with Emma.  We saw the film we had made with the animation, said our goodbyes and hurried to the train to take us home.

Finally, we got to the station and we then went home.  My favourite part was making the animation.

By Ethan R