The Best Science Day Ever

St John’s teachers always strive to make learning engaging and entertaining.  Our special Science Day day saw staff, pupils and volunteers busily engaged in hands on learning together.

Science Day report written by Jessica (Year 4)

Yesterday, on the 19th March 2015 at St. John’s Primary School in Sevenoaks, Class 4 and the rest of the school enjoyed a fantastic Science Day to encourage us to recycle our waste and to learn how to keep our planet safe and healthy.


First of all, before the fun had started we walked off to Year 2P, and had a go at weaving plastic bags.


Secondly, we went to see the Science show that had been run by Ian. The Science show was very interesting and funny.


Finally, we went in groups to go to the Science Shop. I was going to get a flying butterfly, but I got a plastic magnifying glass instead.

I had an excellent Science Day and I learnt about science. I would love to do it again, thank you very much Mrs.Casewell.

Jessica L
Class 4

Thank you to all who invested so much time and energy in ensuring these days were so full and worthwhile. Special thanks to Bev Casewell and all the staff and volunteers – superb examples of St John’s co-operation and ambition!