Residential Trip to Brecon

The children in Year 5 all had a fantastic time, and thoroughly enjoyed the new experiences, during their recent residential trip to Brecon.

Owen, a pupil in Year 5, wrote the following poem about the adventure.

Bumpy was the endless road
On the transport minibus we rode
Endless hours slipped away
One and a half,. Two and a half three, four hours

Crunch on the gravel under the trees
Rumbling, tumbling over the Wye
The Severn bridge far behind
The towering hills rising and falling
The comfyness of the seats – appalling!

Roaming through Bath, seeing the sites
The Romas rise and fall by the blade
It was so hot you’ll be lucky to find shade
With Daniel and Billy, we had such a laugh
Looking and learning through the Roman baths.

And now at the hostel
And writing this part
It’s not a palace
Not covered with lace.

I can’t wait to go to sleep…

I can’t wait to…


Riding in the Brecon Beacons

The horse I was riding was called Ginger (even though he was a chestnut colour) He was so well behaved, except the fact that he kept eating elderflower! Billy’s horse, Conker, got decorated with flowers, it was so funny.

I loved it today!  Johurah Z

I liked putting on Conker’s reins and saddle. My horse, whose name was Conker, was really fun to ride. Billy D

My horse was called Will and he liked eating so much! Unfortunately we only got to trot a little bit but it was still great. We passed a beaver enclosure on our ride. Vicky W

Dear Diary, Horse riding is great fun and I would advise other people to go – trotting is super fun.  Nathan G