Residential Trip to Barcelona

Having had a fantastic residential experience in Spain, Year 6 pupil’s decided to write some tips for Year 5 to help prepare them for their trip next year.


Advice to Year 5s when going on a trip to Barcelona

Beware of strangers

It is crucial to beware of strangers especially in crowded areas. Within the four days you’re in Barcelona there will be many chances for pickpockets to strike. Troubling the worng people is risky. For instance; whilst we were in Barcelona I bumped into a stranger and it slipped my mind to apologise in Spanish. Sher then supposedly swore at me just before I realised what I’d done wrong. Don’t make that mistake.


Be ready to expand your food range

When you are in Barcelona don’t expect every night to be a pizza night. You are in a different country and it’s an opportunity to be adventurous with food. Take the tapas – you’ll be expected to eat a variety of foods. Some things you might like and some things you wouldn’t. I enjoyed the meat balls and squid rings but there was a peculiar tasting potato substance I could have done without. That’s just me though, still try things out!


Always wear correct attire

Spain’s a hot country but that does not mean rain is never spotted there. It should surprise you to know that on two days of our trip, Barcelona had close to torrential rain. Unfortunately on one of those days I had left the hostel with no extra layers only to discover it would rain later on. Wear what you know will protect you from the rain but also keep you happy in the sun.

Anthony Mark Year 6


Prepare yourself

It is important to be prepared for events that take place in a residential trip. For example, when visiting religious sites, you will need long-sleeved t-shirts as your shoulders must be covered. You will need to pack and wear clothes according to the weather and location. However, there are opportunities to bring some frivolous items. It is fun to change clothes for dinner. You might (as my friends and I did) like to swap clothes.

Pay attention

Remember to pay attention! It may come as a surprise that most people in Barcelona can speak English as well as Spanish. However, you will need to speak Spanish as well, when buying food in the market and when purchasing gifts for you and your family. So pay attention in Spanish lessons; they will develop your understanding of the unique language you will have to speak.


Choose your room-mates wisely

Choosing your room-mates can be tricky. So many people to choose from! I should remind you that the people you decide on sharing a room with should be the people you trust and are able to have fun with! Remember you are spending three nights with them – that can feel a long period of time away from home, if you’re not enjoying yourself!


Manage your money

Managing your money is key– especially if you have 3 other siblings and your parents to buy for! I should warn you pickpockets are, sadly, very common. Like us, you might get targeted, as do many tourists. Fortunately, due to the staff’s awareness, no-one lost anything.

Shea Beary


Advice to Year 5 when not going on the trip to Barcelona

Always look on the bright side

Even when you know all of your mates are going to have one of the best times of their lives you will have fun too! Some of my friends even said that they wish they had come to Hastings and stayed at school helping. At this school no-one gets left out…even if they don’t go to Barcelona.

Be helpful and polite

You may get to help the staff in a younger class at school.

It is always a good idea to be polite where ever you are but especially when trying to make a good impression on a new teacher or a younger pupil.

Plan trips carefully

If you don’t go to Barcelona the school gives you an astonishing opportunity to have a day out but choose it carefully. Warning! It is only one day so make it special. If your worried that your Spanish lessons are a waste of time, don’t, it all pays off in the end. You could even go to a tapas bar and order your food in Spanish as I did. I combined this with a trip to the London Dungeons and the Science Museum. A very memorable day!


If you are lucky enough to go to Hastings with a teaching assistant be warned – the seagulls are deadly. If you let them have a chance to get your food they will take it. Don’t make the same mistake as me and think it’s a good idea to feed them – IT’S NOT!

Adam Vickers Year 6