Questions from Parent Forum Meeting

Matters Arising from Parent Forum 2nd October 2012

How will Reception class parents know which letter sound is being taught each week?

Having spoken to Mrs Temp and Miss Allen, when the pupils have completed phase 1 of Letters and Sounds and the assessments in speaking and listening, weekly phonics will be communicated through their weekend homework books

We need to know in good time when the Nativity performance will be so parents can book time off work

Date TBC next week

Why are some pupils are not wearing the school coat?

We have had delays from uniform suppliers. New supplier due to be given the contract this week

Lunchtime arrangements

Explained the new system for lunchtimes whereby each sitting has a set time to stay in hall to ensure children keen to play devote enough time to eating their lunch. Each sitting gets 20 minutes minimum to eat lunch and 40 minutes playtime. Half the play is with their lunch sitting group(ie similar aged children) and 20 minutes therefore as a whole school which allows play across the whole age range. As a school we are keen to retain this playtime arrangement as many children really enjoy friendships across a wide age range

Are all children eligible for milk/fruit?

Free fruit for KS1 is a government initiative, as a school we provide fruit for KS2. All teachers are to remind pupils that they are entitled to a piece of fruit every day. Milk is free to under 5s and available for all children. For free milk or paid, parents need to complete the request form.

Why is the large playing field not used more, for sport and/play times?

Currently for the sports units being covered the playground is the best surface. Play times at the field are limited by there not being a loo. The feasibility of installing a loo is being researched

Parents shared positive feedback on visits to Knole Academy and the meetings outlining the proposed faith school.

Homework feedback was positive. The current system where the maths and spelling homework is clear and predictable was praised. A topic based creative homework for the holiday breaks was also viewed positively. Advance warning of this in the week before the break was attractive, as was the possibility of this holiday homework being optional

Next Parent Forum Meeting: Friday 30th November 2.30pm Staff Room

All parents of children at St John’s School are invited to attend.