Pupils head to Wimbledon

Year 6 were treated to a special day out at Wimbledon. Here is a report written by a pupil about their experience:

When we first got there I thought it was huge. We went in and had our bags checked and then we walked to a place called the tennis experience game zone.

There were four activities. One was where you had to serve a ball and see how many hours MPH it would go. Another was when you had to hit these buttons in a time of 30 seconds. The other two was were you had to play a match on a wii and play a 1 vs 1 match.

Then we had lunch and then we went to the media centre where they keep all the cameras and where the BBc interviewers and journalists work. We pretended to be tennis players and were interviewed by our classmates.

After that we went to the practice courts and took turns to watch some live tennis on Court 3.