New School Year

Welcome to you all at the start of the new school year.  September in schools is a time of change and new beginnings for everyone with new classrooms, teachers and responsibilities.  For those pupils, families and staff for whom this is their first term at our lovely school, the changes and experiences will be even more marked.  I am sure that each of you will be welcomed warmly into our friendly school community and I wish everyone much happy and exciting learning together.

To avoid any confusion I thought it would be useful to list the class names and the staff working with your children.  Some staff are part-time and some appointed to specific children, this is why some classes seem over resourced compared with others!

Reception SA Miss Sophie Allen, Mrs Mandy Ottwa, Mr Josh Still
Reception ST Mrs Sam Temp, Mrs Gemma Truman, Mr Josh Still
Class 1 Miss Judith Prendergast, Mrs Lisa Maloney. Ms Gemma Shield
Class 2 Mrs Liddy Clarke, Miss Lucy Allen, Mrs Gemma Goodwin, Mrs Siverland-Bishop
Class 3 Mrs Jeannie Newhouse, Mrs Bev Casewell, Mrs Lynn Askew, Miss Lucy Metcalfe
Class 4 Miss Poppy Kemp, Mrs Sally Quirk, Miss Claire Henning, Mrs Shelly Goldring
Class 5 Miss Stephanie Canniford, Miss Jane Gillhouley, Mrs Jo Bennett