Maths Story Day

At the end of term 1, Class R, 1 and 2 had a special day all about the story Kipper’s Toybox. Throughout the day we did lots of exciting and interesting learning.


Class 2 wrote instructions about how to make a Sockthing toy and then made them from old socks. They also had a sockthing shop and practised adding coins and finding change.


Class 1 also made Sockthing puppets to retell the story with. They also practised their number bonds to 10 by working out how many toys Kipper was hiding. They looked at how many toys were left outside the box to work out how many were inside. Tricky thinking!

PicCollage (1)
Reception class counted pesky mice and practised recognising and writing the numbers to match.
By the end of the day everyone had made a paper mouse with coloured ears and tail to put on our display; our trail of 90 mice reached along the wall from Reception’s classroom, past year 1’s door and almost to the door of class 2! We were rewarded for all our busy learning with a white, chocolate mouse to eat. We cannot wait for our next Story Maths Day now!