Ladyland Farm visit

Despite our cold toes and the pouring rain, Class Two enjoyed a memorable day at Ladyland Farm.
Ladyland Farm 010

We were met by Farmer Ray, who accompanied us around the farm. We began by visiting the chickens and the owls.

Ladyland Farm 011

Next we were ushered into a warm barn and told to be extremely quiet, because huddling inside a wooden box were lots of newly hatched chicks.

Ladyland Farm 028

Ladyland Farm 044

Ladyland Farm 034

The chicks were passed around and we were able to stroke them. We were also privileged to see a chick starting to hatch.
Ladyland Farm 043

Ladyland Farm 036

We then continued on our tour and cuddled, touched and fed the lambs and sheep, the newly born calves, who guzzled their milk greedily, and the baby goats who bleated loudly, when separated from their mothers!

After enjoying our packed lunches, it was time to travel back to school with many happy memories of our day at the farm.