Class 2 Swimming Lessons

Class 2 will begin their swimming lessons next Tuesday 5th April 2011. Each child will swim for 30 minutes at Walthamstow Hall. Initially the children will go to Walthamstow Hall as one group in order that we may assess their ability. It is probable that following this first session, the class will be divided into two groups and we will notify parents of any changes after Tuesday. Each group of children will have a qualified swimming instructor and an assistant poolside, with them. All children are required to wear a swimming cap during their lessons, and these may be purchased through the School Office if required at a cost of £1.The children will have ten lessons, at a cost of £1.50 per lesson. Please return the form, sent via ParentMail, to the School Office by Monday 4th April 2011, together with your payment, in full if possible (£15), or you may choose to pay weekly. All money should be handed into the School Office clearly named.