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Maths challenge


St John’s the overall winners Eight pupils (two girls and two boys from each of years 4 and 5) entered a primary maths challenge at Hazelwood School last Friday. All performed very well and enjoyed …Read More

The Best Science Day Ever


St John’s teachers always strive to make learning engaging and entertaining.  Our special Science Day day saw staff, pupils and volunteers busily engaged in hands on learning together. Science Day report written by Jessica (Year 4) Yesterday, on …Read More

Double Trouble


St John’s teachers always strive to make learning engaging and entertaining. Our Double Trouble maths day certainly lived up to this desire. There was Double Trouble at St John’s School in Sevenoaks this week when …Read More

Mothers Day Celebrations


Over 50 mothers and grandmothers joined us for our annual Mothers’ Day celebrations on Tuesday 10 March 2015. This year the children made sandwiches and designed beautiful cards for their Mothers. We know how hard all the …Read More

Book Week Photos


Life at St John’s school is always busy and full of hands on learning. This is particularly true this week which is our book week. The whole school enjoyed taking part in a variety of events and activities …Read More

Book Week

Book shop and park trip 088

BOOK WEEK – 9th – 12th February We have an exciting selection of activities planned for this week, to encourage all children to think and talk about books of different genres. Our aim is to …Read More

PORC Penshurst Off Road Cycling


Year 5 enjoyed a special final cycling session at PORC. Testing the cycling skills they have been developing this term, they tackled some challenging terrain and manoeuvres. Year 5 & 6 Cycling Throughout the year, …Read More

Sleepover at the Science Museum


Mr Higgs and Mrs Casewell, accompanied by eleven enthusiastic science-loving children, attended the Night at the Museum event at the Science Museum in London. After what felt like a long and stressful journey, we were …Read More

No Pens Wednesday


St John’s joined the national speaking and listening event run by the Communication Trust because the staff at our school believe in the importance of speaking and listening throughout the curriculum. Spoken language and the …Read More

Dresses for Africa

IMG_1520 (640x480)

Many thanks to Jenny Canfield and her team for their time and patience in teaching Year 5 girls to make dresses for African children. Aa the dresses were completed in a day. The girls loved …Read More