The Royal Ballet at the Royal Opera House

Siaron Moore was successful in securing seats for all KS2 to attend a performance of La Bayadère, performed by The Royal Ballet at the Royal Opera House, London on Thursday 2nd May 2013.  I am very grateful to her for organizing what was a very memorable and special experience for our pupils.

The children had a fantastic time.


About La Bayadère
La Bayadère takes place in the Royal India of long ago. As the ballet begins, we learn that Nikiya, a beautiful temple dancer, is in love with a young warrior named Solor. However, Solor is engaged to the Rajah’s daughter. During the betrothal, Nikiya is forced to dance, after which she receives a basket of flowers from the Rajah’s daughter. The basket contains a deadly snake and Nikiya dies.Solor dreams of reuniting with Nikiya in the Kingdom of the Shades. He then awakens, remembering that he’s still engaged. At his wedding, however, he sees a vision of Nikiya. He mistakenly says his vows to her, instead of his bride-to-be. The gods become infuriated and destroy the palace. Solor and Nikiya reunite in spirit, in the Kingdom of the Shades.