The church in our community

In RE the oldest children in the school are studying ” The church in our community”.

As three children in the class have already celebrated their first communion in Poland we have had stimulating discussions regarding faith and variance and similarities in the ways worship is approached. In pairs the children created phrases to capture the atmosphere they feel is evident in our own church. I was impressed with the thought-provoking combined result, so have included it for you to read.

Our Church – St John the Baptist
The silence travels through the air
But no one knows that it is there
A calm quiet place until we sing.
The singing blows
The singing flows
It fills the church from door to floor
Brightly coloured windows
Pictures full of stories
I can see Joseph giving people water.
In the warm air
People worship everywhere.
Prayers stream through the church
Through the arches high above
The bells dinging as the prayers go by
The bells ringing as the bride goes by
Words linger
Words sway
Feeling better every day.
Love runs around the top of the church
Filled to under the sloping roof