St John’s School Prayer Day

On Wednesday 19th March we held a ‘Prayer Day’ which enabled the school community to consider the meaning of prayer, why we pray and to whom we pray. Candlelight and meditative music created an atmosphere of quiet reflection which started the day.

Prayer Day 2014 003

This was followed by an assembly led by Mr Neil Durling, the Minister from Bessels Green Baptist Church. He taught us that praying is talking and listening to God and encouraged us to share our thoughts and feelings with him.

Prayer Day 2014 011

Back in the classrooms each child wrote and illustrated a prayer.

Prayer Day 2014 027

After lunch Mrs Clark interviewed three adults who pray and work in our school, they were asked when and how they pray, if they think God listens and if they have had any answers.


During the afternoon the children completed many fun and exciting craft activities: from decorating tea light holders, threading key rings, making book marks, designing prayer pillow cases and floral candle holders.


Prayer Day 2014 071 Prayer Day 2014 068 Prayer Day 2014 063 Prayer Day 2014 059

Each child was given a chocolate mobile phone to conclude the day and remind us all, that prayer is like a telephone for us to pick up and talk and listen to God.

Prayer Day 2014 082