St John’s Book Week 2013

Everyone enjoyed a great, fun-packed week throughout the school! The week began with KS2 (and their teachers) dressing up as their favourite characters from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The children were then treated to a series of exciting workshops by their teachers, on this theme, in science, DT, language, drama and dance.  Meanwhile, KS1 immersed themselves in the ‘Jolly Postman’ book using props (including a bicycle) to enhance their activities. These created such a ‘buzz of excitement’ for the rest of book week.

On Tuesday, we were visited by Ian MacDonald, a children’s author, who introduced us to all aspects of writing books and his own characters through his workshops.  Everyone had an amazing time discovering their inner author.

During the week, the children had the opportunity to put stories to music, make chocolate, recite poems learned by heart, to take part in illustrator workshops and design book covers.  We were fascinated to meet Mr Shamwana and hear how the illustrations for real book covers are created. It was an amazing experience to see how the images and ideas are layered together.

Children loved the many dads, granddads and uncles who came in to read them stories. It was a lovely opportunity for the children to see other adults who love to read books as much as us at St John’s. A big thank you to all who came in and read.  Even the teachers swapped classes to read or tell their favourite stories to different year groups.

For our Book Week finale on the last day, the KS1 children (and staff!) all dressed up as their favourite book characters. The imaginative costumes were amazing. An inter-house spelling competition took place with children (and teachers) from each year group competing to win points for their house.  After a hard fought battle, blue house won by a narrow margin.

The week was completed by a prize giving assembly for the school book quizzers, poetry champions, book cover illustrators and super spellers.

We can’t wait for the next one!