St John’s Angels Launch


Head teacher’s talk to St John’s Angels Launch.

At present, possibly the most talked about government educational initiative is pupil premium.
This funding supports the social mobility strategy aims to address inequalities. The inequalities between pupils eligible for FSMs, those in the care of the local authority and those whose parents are in the armed forces compared with pupils from more advantaged backgrounds.
It is the national aim to close the academic attainment gap between the advantaged and the disadvantaged.

We support this initiative wholeheartedly and I believe we spend our pupil premium wisely to achieve the policy’s objective, indeed St John’s published assessment results verify this.

However, as you all know, here at this unique and distinctive school it is our aim to empower potential and improve the educational outcomes for ALL our children.

At St John’s we are privileged to have a stunning team, teachers and support staff are outstanding. We have first rate pupils and a truly amazing parent body and diligent pro active governors. The strength and generosity of the local community and benefactors from further afield is exceptional. In short St John’s School is a unique and special place to work and learn together. What is being provided for the pupils here, may I repeat, is quite exceptional. There is an exciting, ever growing culture of generosity and ambitious vision. This culture is embodied by St John’s Angels. A shared passion not only for giving, to enable the most creative, ambitious learning but a common desire to play a significant part of the journey of children’s enthusiasm for living and learning.

Since I came to St John’s I have always found the school’s community to generate, to attract and indeed to breed generosity.

We have a wealth of volunteers – readers, club leaders, painters, craftsmen, builders
We have people who donate – equipment, prizes, uniform, their time, so much time is given by so many. In this I would include the PTA and everyone here this evening.
The list could and should go on and on – forgive my keeping it simple.

My great thanks to the Angels team, to Moira, Naomi, Zoe and Siaron, and before them when the concept was first born to Martin, Derek, Mark and Sean.

So as Siaron’s beautiful film says, people want to be a part of it, everyone here tonight is a part of it. David Laws, the Education minister in 2012, when talking about the pupil premium said,

I want every child to be able to reach for the stars and to be supported in reaching them

The Angels Premium undoubtedly gives every St John’s child that support, together we are here to give these children the chance to fly to their stars!

Tonight I am particularly delighted to have the opportunity to thank some of our most generous benefactors, Nightingales Architects and Altro. I have to admit that when Suat Yasar first came to me with his plans they seemed unrealistic., hugely ambitious. He was relentless in his drive, undeterred in his vision. The school is indebted to Suat.

I am so pleased to introduce Kevin Webb, here this evening to speak to you about the work they have carried out.