Sports Day 2015

I think you’ll all agree that we’ve just enjoyed one of our greatest sports days – all of us here watching our children and seeing the best of what belonging, taking part, winning, losing and supporting one another in sport can mean.

Sport teaches us incredibly important lessons about life. It teaches us about the joy of triumph but also about learning to be resilient when we lose, and to lose with grace.

Not everyone will be an elite athlete, but everyone can benefit from the acts of participating, competing and spectating. This forms such an important part of our culture.

Of course, it’s for every school to decide what’s best for their pupils but I believe the very best schools have sport at their heart. The staff at St John’s understand the benefits that flow from embedding sport in the daily life of the school.

Here you can see that we use sport to transform children’s lives from their very first days in school, that equality, inclusion and inspiration are the benchmarks by which we conduct ourselves.

The lead in sport at St John’s is taken, and taken with commitment and passion by Mrs Silvester.   It’s worth noting that yesterday after school there were sporting clashes for some children. They managed their busy schedule however by riding, street dancing and swimming in a gala – such is the typical outstanding day to day sporting offer your children have at this school. Mrs Silvester is superbly supported by the team she inspires. So, praise for the St John’s team of dedicated individuals, but today our very special thanks and respect for Mrs Silvester.

This sports day would have been very much the poorer without the fantastic support of parents, grandparents and friends of our families. Thank you for being here to cheer on your children and enjoy such a lovely occasion. Our sincere thanks to Mrs Claire Ridler for her day of barbecuing, an enormous undertaking, thank you!

And finally, I know the staff – all of them, would like to take this public opportunity to thank Mr Palmer for the incredible job he does at St John’s. Not only for his significant part in the smooth running of today but for his outstanding contribution to our school, thank you Martin.

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