Sleepover at the Science Museum

Mr Higgs and Mrs Casewell, accompanied by eleven enthusiastic science-loving children, attended the Night at the Museum event at the Science Museum in London.


After what felt like a long and stressful journey, we were welcomed and entertained by an enthusiastic team at the Museum. Our usher, Anna helped us to enjoy the event by getting us all to the correct galleries at the correct time.

First we set up “camp” in the Materials gallery, after which we were entertained by a rather amusing Health and Safety video. Of course, none of the St Johns pupils wandered off, only to be found ten years later. Never!


Our first activity was Big Boggling Body Bingo. The presenter told us lots of information about different artefacts in the museum and their uses. It was very interesting and to quote Beatriz, “We are learning a lot, but in a fun way!”


Shortly after this game, we had our packed teas, before heading off to learn about our digestive systems. Luckily, we had eaten beforehand, as this was all a bit “gross and disgusting”. Eleanor was chosen to assist in the simulated mashing up of the food. We learned all about the different organs involved and their functions, and even got to see inside a digestive system through an endoscope.


This was all tremendously exciting, but not as exciting as learning about our blood, how it clots and how and why we bruise. The presenter in this workshop was hilarious with her giant leaf blower, and her gushing blood platelet balloons.  We had fun creating our own “fake” bruises and wounds. Yuck!







Finally, exhausted, we collapsed into our sleeping bags  shortly before midnight. Of course, not much sleep was had, as we were all too excited about the morning’s activities.

We were not disappointed. We ate a hasty breakfast and then headed off to the Launchpad where we were allowed to play, explore, discover and learn. It was brilliant!




Last, but no means least, we watched an IMAX film, all about the latest technology used to film nature in slow motion, time lapse photography and powerful microscopes looking at the nano world. This 3D film was amazing.

After prize giving and last notices, we headed excitedly to the shop and then boarded the train for our return journey. What a super trip it was! The children were impeccably behaved, and were outstanding ambassadors for St Johns.
Well done children. Mrs Casewell may organise another trip next year, as a result of your enthusiasm and behaviour.

The night at the museum trip was definitely a trip I will always remember. It was a fun packed sleepover with stunning workshops.
Thomas M Year 5

The Imax theatre show was all about things we can’t see. It showed us the nano world which was absolutely breath-taking!
Sasha Year 5

I absolutely loved the bruises workshop. I hope other pupils will get the same experience as us next year.
Camilo Year 5