Sing Fit

Excitedly, Year 3 arrived at Sing Fit at Sevenoaks School on Tuesday 1st July. Along with 49 other schools in the local area, we marched proudly into the hall carrying our banner and wearing our red Sing Fit T shirts.


The previous week we had been given a banner to decorate, during our art lesson, to represent Namibia, one of the countries of the Commonwealth.


We took part in three musical workshops throughout the day. During the first we learnt about the ear and how we hear. We measured our cheering in decibels and loudly set a new record for Sevenoaks School at 112db!


During our second and third workshops we were taught songs, actions and dances from around the world.


Finally, all the schools came together to sing as one big choir. The sound we made together was incredible and completed another fun day for Year 3.