Residential Trip

Our trip to France was awesome – according to pupils and staff alike!

Here are extracts from all the children  to give a flavour of the fun we had together.

Emily – We went to the beach and made a sandcastle. Although it was a bit flooded we still made it.

Tyler – Although my team didn’t win at rounders, I still enjoyed it because Inearly took a great catch.

Samantha – When we got to our hotel I kept my mouth open! I shared aroom with Joanna and she was at the top and I was at the bottom bunk.

Ninah – An hour later we reached the ferry which was fantastic and brilliant.Bought something for my Mom, hope she likes it!

Monika – Yesterday I had hot chocolate and cereal for breakfastSandra –The best part of the day was learning French and the campfire

Reece – As soon as I walked inthe door I thought the waiterswere friendly. About 30 minutes later we went back to thebeach and I found a crab’s leg.

Haydon – Although I felt full upI still managed to play roundersand cricket.

Jade – Later we got to theshocking beach. I was shocked because it was massive. I found 81 shells.

Archie – At St Joseph village we were the only people so we could go wherever we wanted.

Sasha – Woke up with excitement because I knew it was the bonfire later in the evening.

Harrie – After dinner we had a bonfire and we told scary stories and jokes.

Louie – After a voluminous competition (low ropes, basket ball, singing, making chicks and French) we had more free time!

Jakub – We had a barbecue. After we had eaten we played volleyball.

Hannah – The smoke looked like mist in the woods and the sparks were likefireworks sparkling at night. Can’t wait for tomorrow morning!

Jake – Later it was time for lunch. Oh my mouth was filled with a plethoraof taste! We were gawping at the mouth-watering food.

Edgar – We looked at all the French houses. One was the shape of a triangle.

Steph – After everyone was on the road to Dover, it became very loud in my mum’s car!

Andre – Joanna and I made a sandcastle and we all had a running race – I was so exhausted!

Joanna – On the way back from the beach I had a piggy back on Ninah andwe were also in the lead; the others were slow! We went fast because it wasstarting to rain.

Dylan – Yesterday I spent a lot of time collecting pine cones. I got four bagsfull.

Nicola – We went to the beach restaurant. We had a very long table for the children.