Pancake Day Assembly

Once again the significance and traditions of Pancake Day were explained and amidst much excitement, a pancake tossing competition was held.

Pancake Assembly
This year, the ‘House Captains’ were invited to toss a pancake between them, whilst their House Leader (A teacher) lay precariously upon the floor, watching helplessly as pancakes flew above their heads!

Pancake Assembly
Each team were given one minute to successfully toss and catch the pancakes. The Yellow House won by the skin of their teeth, by scoring twenty five beating the Blue House by one!

Pancake Assembly

We then ended our assembly with a chance to reflect upon our lives, our behaviour, thoughts and actions.

During this time of Lent could we learn to love God more, be less selfish and love our friends as ourselves?

How would this change our behaviour, actions and our lives at school and at home?