Class 5 and 6 have been having fun this term learning about micro-organisms. All sorts of weird and wonderful mould has been growing on various food items, which has taught us that micro-organisms can grow, reproduce, cause decay and can be harmful. We have also discovered that some micro-organisms are very helpful, especially the effects of yeast in bread making.

Mrs Munday helped us to understand more about the spread of disease and infection through poor hygiene. She brought an ultra violet light box into school which illuminated the dirt on our hands. We carried out a hand washing experiment. The results clearly showed that we need to wash our hands throughly with hot water and soap!

Mrs Mortleman, who is a local pharmacist told us about the importance of keeping clean and safe when we are unwell and which medicines will help us when we have an infection.

Well done to the members of Class 5 who have produced some amazing homework about Edward Jenner. I look forward to reading them during the half term holiday!