Children got into trouble for the same sort of reasons as children do now but they were punished by being caned.

16 January 1874 Mrs Pickering came to ask that her boy might not be punished for truanting yesterday.

28 July 1874 James Slade (4th Class) was withdrawn by his mother, on account of his having had a punishment for disobedience to his teacher

15 April 1875 William Cook and James Haynes had to be punished again for truanting.

5 July 1878 Three boys punished for playing truant.

1 April 1879 Boys reprimanded for throwing stones

23 Feb 1880 Fred Fiveash punished by request for playing truant.

17 March 1880 Arthur Baker and Fiveash away playing truant. Mrs Baker called at school and wished her son to be punished and his absence from school in the future made known to her.

22 April 1880 Fred Fiveash punished for playing truant

10 March 1882 Two boys punished for playing truant. Fiveash and Chapman.

12 May 1882 Fred Fiveash, at his parents request, punished for playing truant

11 July 1882 Punished Fred Fiveash for playing truant and spending his school money

21 May 1883 Sharrad punished for playing truant

31 Oct 1883 Fred Fiveash punished for playing truant.

5 Dec 1884 Four boys punished for playing truant

4 February 1886 Punished Walker at his parents request for truanting.

15 November 1894 I had to punish Walter Hills severely this afternoon for gross insubordination.

4 June 1897 Punished B Copper and J Slade for truanting to mind cows.

11 October 1897 A Police Constable called with reference to a case of apple stealing by 4 boys from Hartsland. I punished them and others for disgracing the school.

10 February 1898 Severely punished Edward and Charles Wathling for insolence.

3 May 1898 Punished several boys for climbing on the roof of the lavatory.

2 November 1898 Three boys were punished this afternoon for coming too late to be marked. They had been in the park getting nuts.

3 February 1899 Three boys were punished for interfering with the Girl’s Mistress.

24 August 1900 Charles tooth was punished this morning for setting two little boys to fight after leaving school yesterday.

19 November 1900 Two boys in Standard three were punished for throwing peas at a boy in Standard two. The boys in Standard two got on the floor to pick them up while being taught.