Knole House

Class 5 visited Knole House to enhance their learning about the Tudors.  The children each dressed up in a Tudor costume from a lowly baker through to King Henry VIII himself, and were encouraged to think about the position they would have held in Tudor society.


They were then taken on a short tour of the house in their costumes, which was exciting and informative. We began to feel we were really Tudors walking around their home.

After our tour we took part in a session handling artefacts from rich and poor houses and sorting them in to who would use them and why. Our favourite artefact was a pottery carpet cleaner that they filled to the top with water and then sprinkled it over the carpet to keep the dust down.

We then turned detectives searching for clues on the Courtyard trail.

We enjoyed dressing up as the Tudor characters most and learnt that Tudor ladies wore up to eleven petticoats.