Godstone Farm visit

Yesterday Class 1 enjoyed a fabulous sunny day out learning all about the animals at Godstone Farm. First we learnt about the process of making wool, from the shearing of the sheep through to combing the tangles out using carders, to the end point of a ball of wool which is ready to be used for knitting or weaving. All the children had a turn at spinning the sheep’s wool and we were even able to take some of the wool we made home with us! We then had a chance to handle some of the smaller animals, such as the chickens, and did an animal walk around the farm where we learnt about goats, sheep, horses, geese, turkeys, ducks and pigs. We took a tractor ride around the farm and saw some of the more unusual farm animals such as llamas and ostriches. All the children agreed however, that the highlight had to be the 3 day old piglets and class 1 decided that they would make a wonderful class pet!