Forest School Week Three

During Forest school today we were each given a stick. Confused we wondered what the stick was for. Caroline explained that it was for our journey sticks to help tell the story of our adventure in the woods.


Caroline demonstrated how to tie some wool to our sticks using the clove hitch know. We were then ready for our adventure. We collected small items such as cones, bark, leaves, feathers and inserted them under the wool.


The story behind Journey Sticks.

When Australian Aboriginals went on their journeys they collected things and tied them to a stick in chronological order.After a long time they finally returned to their people. Referring to the objects attached to their stick, they were able to remember their journey and recount the stories. This formed a verbal map which described the journey to someone who wasn’t there. It was a very personal way of recording their journey and unlike a map, there was no right or wrong way.


We also did some more bug hunting.


We found chestnut pods that looked like a face of a monke!