Enjoying reading and having fun

One area for school focus this year is the development of the teaching of reading. We are committed to enabling every child to learn to read, to allow them to read to learn. As a school we are implementing a number of approaches to engage all pupils in their personal quest. Miss Claire Henning is leading a research project in reading, using the resource TRUGs (Teaching Reading Using Games). Already data shows remarkable progress, as well as pupils telling us how much they are enjoying themselves – that’s success!

We have many invaluable volunteers who help with a range of tasks in school on a regular basis. We are hugely grateful to them for their time and support; they really make a difference. If you feel you would like to offer your help and that you can commit a regular hour or two each week, we would love to hear from you. You could be easily trained to deliver TRUGs and be part of the exciting achievements!