Egyptian Visit

On a beautiful sunny day, Year 3 visited Chiddingstone Castle to consolidate their learning on the Ancient Egyptians.


Everyone enjoyed looking at and learning about the Ancient Egyptian artefacts on display especially the coffin lid of a real mummy!


We built pyramids, dressed up as Pharaohs and wrapped each other up as mummies; using cotton bandages and not forgetting to put the book of the dead with the amulets between the layers of bandages to protect the body in the afterlife.

mummymummy1 mummy2

After a quick lunch, we used our maps to navigate around the Ancient Egyptian maze in the grounds. We were proud to be the first children to try it out! Before creating our own mummy and sarcophagus to bring back to school.

IMG_0386 DSCN1565 DSCN1579 IMG_0379 DSCN1560 DSCN1557