Class Two Visit London

Class Two began the year with a memorable outing to London, encompassing many of the famous landmarks and sights.

London Trip 025

We travelled on the train and arrived at Charing Cross Station full of anticipation and excitement.

London Trip 028

We began by visiting the beautiful crypt in St Martin’s in the Field Church, which led us out into the magnificent Trafalgar Square. The imposing statue of Nelson, carefully guarded by the four enormous bronze lions was breath taking.

London Trip 007

From there we continued under Admiralty Arch, along The Mall and into St James’ Park where we saw much interesting wildlife, including some pelicans.

London Trip 010

We left the park and there before us, was Buckingham Palace in all its splendour. We were privileged to see some Horse Guards riding by. Next we walked along Birdcage Walk and saw Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament. Fortunately we timed it beautifully and heard Big Ben chime. After, we saw Downing Street and completed our walk at The Horse Guard Parade, where we had several photographs with the soldiers and their horses.
 Finally a tired Class Two had lunch in MacDonald’s before heading back home to Sevenoaks on the train. A magnificent day full of fun and learning.