Class 3 Review

From Chimney Sweeps to Chocolate Cake!

We began by travelling back in time to the 19th century with our study of the historical novel Chimney Child and everything Victorian.  The children loved learning about how different their lives might have been, had they been born 150 years ago and were fascinated by how times have changed.

We followed an outing to see Roald Dahl’s ‘Matilda’ in London, by baking a giant, Bruce Bogtrotter-style, chocolate cake!  It was even disguised as a delicious maths lesson as we practised multiplication and fractions to work out the quantities of ingredients.

Our first trip of the year was to Sevenoaks Wildfowl Reserve, where we learned about rocks and fossils – sparking the children’s obsession with collecting stones of all sizes, shapes and colours!

A particular highlight was Egyptian Day, which saw Class 3 pupils arriving at school in amazingly creative costumes and make-up.  We walked, added and subtracted ‘like Egyptians’, pretended to disembowel and embalm a volunteer ‘mummy’ and made canopic jars and papyrus paper.  The enjoyable and educational day even made the local newspaper and was followed by a trip to Chiddingstone Castle, where we explored the collection of Ancient Egyptian artefacts.

To enhance our learning about the Jewish faith, we visited Bromley Reform Synagogue and were amazed to see The Torah Scrolls and learn more about the role of the rabbi.

Other highlights this year have included writing letters and receiving replies from, amongst others Daniel Radcliffe, David Walliams and  Daniel Craig;  Book Day;  making chocolate fridge cake;  creating our own moving toys;  not to mention participating in the fantastic, whole-school Science Day!

During the year, we’ve been joined by Sasha, Jake and Leonardo, and said goodbye to Sophie, Beppe and Kieran.  We wished Mrs Newhouse all the best as she left Class 3 to start her new role as Inclusion Manager and welcomed her replacement, Mrs Grimble.  At the end of this term we wish Marci a fond farewell as he returns to Hungary.

It has most certainly been a fun-filled and eventful year with many fantastic memories and great learning for both children and teachers.