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Football Match

The team played in great spirit and through some excellent teamwork and great determination the girls came away victorious. A huge thank you to all the adults who helped get the girls to the game …Read More

PORC Penshurst Off Road Cycling


Year 5 enjoyed a special final cycling session at PORC. Testing the cycling skills they have been developing this term, they tackled some challenging terrain and manoeuvres. Year 5 & 6 Cycling Throughout the year, …Read More

Netball Match vs Sundridge and Brasted

St Johns won their second netball match against Sundridge and Brasted. A more confident team arrived to play a very difficult match.  The game was very tight and quite physical, but well done for a …Read More

Indoor Athletics

On Wednesday 19th November a team of  Year 3 and 4 children competed in an indoor athletics competition at Aylesford School. They took part in lots of different running, throwing and jumping events. There were …Read More

Team Games at Antony Roper School

B team games at Antony Roper School. This was a chance for people attending the club to play in a non-league game. We had two playing teams that went and they had a good time …Read More

Netball Match vs St Katherines

St Johns played St Katherines at home. We were extremely lucky to play the match, as the rain was very heavy and persistent for much of the morning. Luckily, the clouds cleared, and off we …Read More

Netball Match vs Halstead

St Johns played Halstead away. Always a challenge to play an away game on unfamiliar ground and with support for the opposition.  The court was very small compared to our own which meant we spent …Read More

District Cross Country at Coombe Bank

Twenty-four children took part in this event at the new location of Coombe Bank School. A much more cross country course than our children have been used to. However both Lily Ridler and Alfie Chart did …Read More

Aqua Splash

Selective Year 3 and 4 children took part in a fun event at Sevenoaks School along with 12 other schools. Aqua Splash is about water confidence and having fun rather than competitiveness. It’s about getting all …Read More

Netball Match against Seal

St Johns win their first netball match, against Seal  A very excited team came out in full kit to face the opposition with a nervous excitement.  After a slow start we won the game!