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Jubilee Craft Day


To celebrate the Queen’s Diamond jubilee, Key Stage One enjoyed a day of royal themed crafts. We made; royal crowns, decorative boxes adorned with London landmarks, union Jacks from ‘Hamma’ beads, castles and palaces using …Read More

Fairy Cake Friday


The last Friday of every term is known as Fairy Cake Friday when a class at a time has a go at decorating and selling fairy cakes. Today it was Class 2’s turn to tempt …Read More

Parent Forum


In response to suggestions from parents and staff we have arranged meetings each term where we hope to develop opportunities for open communication and consultation with parents. These meetings will be held at 2pm in …Read More

Reading Raffle


This new initiative is already proving popular. Staff are delighted at the rejuvenated commitment to reading and believe they are seeing improvements after just 2 weeks. I am aware that the planner that Years 2-6 …Read More

Let’s Read Together

Story Time

Reading is a main focus for us at St John’s this year and we would like to take this opportunity to keep you up-to-date with our current practices and some new ventures in relation to …Read More



Class 2 had a very special afternoon when Aidan and Dylan’s dad, Mark Smith, came into teach them how to play the guitar. Mark makes his own quitars from old biscuit tins …. an amazing …Read More

Christmas Boxes


As Christmas approaches, as well as other times, the families of St John’s find time to look beyond our school to the needs of others. 64 Christmas boxes for underprivileged children have been lovingly filled …Read More

Fire of London


Class 2 have completed their history topic of the Great Fire of London with a fire of their own! They made model houses and then grouped them closely together before setting light to them. They …Read More

Indonesian Gamelan Workshop


Class 2 took part in a workshop at Sevenoaks School to learn about music of other cultures. They played Gamelan, an ensemble of metal percussion instruments from Indonesia. The class learnt about the rich musical heritage of …Read More

PC Wenham


PC Wenham visited St Johns Primary School to discuss with the children the following: A Policemen’s job Bullying and respect Right and Wrong Internet Safety The children always look forward to his annual visits. Click …Read More