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Class 2’s trip to Hollybush Park

Book shop and park trip 057

Class 2 have been looking at the topic of forces in science and to consolidate our learning we went to Hollybush Park. Whilst playing on the equipment we discovered that we use pushing, pulling, twisting, …Read More

Ladyland Farm visit


Foundation Stage and Key Stage One started Term 5 with an exciting trip to Ladyland Farm. Armed with packed lunches and wellies and with much anticipation we boarded the coaches, left Sevenoaks and began our …Read More

Letter from the Queen


Year two are very excited to have received a letter from Buckingham Palace this week! They each wrote to the Queen a few weeks ago telling her about their trip to London and asking her …Read More

Class Two Visit London

London Trip 023

Class Two began the year with a memorable outing to London, encompassing many of the famous landmarks and sights. We travelled on the train and arrived at Charing Cross Station full of anticipation and excitement. …Read More

Our Performance of Alice


As we put the final rehearsals into place the children and staff of St John’s are all very excited about their summer performance of Alice. Everyone has worked very hard to make this production the …Read More

Class 2 Review


Class Two has had an action-packed, eventful year, with many opportunities for extended learning. Throughout the year we have said several goodbyes and hellos to new members of staff and children. We welcomed two new …Read More

Outside Adventurous Activities


Year 5 & 6 Cycling Using almost £2,000 of the fantastic total raised by Edward Oatley on his ambitious cycle ride, we have purchased ten new bicycles to facilitate this new project. Our coach for …Read More

Ladyland Farm visit

Ladyland Farm 016

Despite our cold toes and the pouring rain, Class Two enjoyed a memorable day at Ladyland Farm. We were met by Farmer Ray, who accompanied us around the farm. We began by visiting the chickens …Read More

Elderflower cordial


With elderflowers blooming, Year 2 had a go at making their own delicious elderflower cordial. First we washed the flowers and put them in a large bowl. Next, Mrs Bennett boiled some sugar and water. Then we took turns …Read More

Infant Agility Championships


Key Stage 1 got the chance to showcase their sporting talents during the Infant Agility finals yesterday afternoon. A select few were chosen from Years 1 and 2 to represent St John’s in a variety …Read More