Wall Book

KS2 pupils were thoroughly involved in the informative talk John Gordon-Reid gave with his huge wall book on the story of sport.  Artefacts were pulled from his 10 pockets and used as starting points for some extraordinary facts. All agreed we learnt a great deal about the history of sport.

“I learnt that Henry VIII wasn’t always just a fat man but he was sportsman who spent a third of his life on a horse. Then he brought tennis to England.”

“Every pocket held a fact, a fact that was a long and strange story. I want a wall book”

“ The story about the horses being trained fascinated me.  The horses could see the oasis in the distance but they weren’t allowed to go there until the leader said that they could, however when he blew a horn 5 of the 100 horses came to the leader and became his war horses. The other 95 ran away”

“I won a medal in the talk and I was allowed to keep it”